WHSI Growth Strategy

WHSI is an established manufacturer of PERS (personal emergency response systems) devices and services. With over 20 years in the industry comes knowledge, relationships, and a solid understanding of what our target market wants and needs.

WHSI will begin its growth trajectory with the launch of the iHelp MAX, the 4G cellular PERS device with advanced features such as fall detection, geo-fencing, AI utilizing Google Assistant and Alexa, notifications, daily check-ins, and medication reminders, that are sold directly to dealers and distributors in the U.S and around the world.

Medical Alert Device
medical alert bluetooth system

The company has an established base of dealers and distributors who will be purchasing the iHelp MAX, and plans to increase the base substantially by the end of 2022.

Further to the launch of the iHelp Max, the company is developing additional features for the device that include RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring). Utilizing the iHelp Max device, WHSI’s advanced medical alarm technology platform enables remote monitoring and data collection of essential vital signs in real-time and with historical values via Bluetooth, NFC, and WIFI technology.  Our RPM solution includes real-time monitoring of vital signs that will be stored in the cloud to enable viewing of historical data as well as identify potential health issues before they become catastrophic events.

WHSI’s vital data monitoring solution will be available in the Fall 2022. Market penetration is ensured (especially since the pandemic) as many consumers now understand and embrace the enormous benefits of RPM.

WHSI will continue to develop ancillary products and formalize relationships with ancillary product manufacturers to add to the existing RPM capabilities.

medical concept partnership

Each of the ancillary products will generate telehealth fees for monitoring activities and WHSI intends to expand its RPM program into additional market segments.

WHSI’s growth will be a combination of deep audience insight, customer loyalty, and market development.

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