iHelp Max™ innovations over the predecessor products focus on real-time location tracking and customizable geo-fencing features based on GPS technology, as well as motion and positioning sensors for fall detection. The device is operated by one multi-function button allowing for more complex check-in and alert functions.

IoT Solution

The highly intuitive and training-free nature of natural voice AI allows the users to focus on ‘what’ to do instead of worrying about ‘how’ to do things. People can discover their personalized way of ‘saying the commands’ in Alexa, Google, Samsung, etc., to achieve the desired outcomes in a smooth, contactless, and friendly manner.

WHS Tech

WHSI’s Baas (Backend-As-A-Service) Enterprise Management and Automation Platform is a cloud-hosted service consisting of methods and automation tasks for accepting data transmission from personal safety and medical devices (“PS/M”) and storing, reformatting, and retransmitting this data to subscribers, monitoring centers, healthcare providers, front-end portal/user interfaces, and API controllers.

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