Backend Platform

Cloud-hosted service consisting of methods and automation

WHSI’s IOT Backend Platform

WHSI’s Baas (Backend-As-A-Service) Enterprise Management and Automation Platform is a cloud-hosted service consisting of methods and automation tasks for accepting data transmission from personal safety and medical devices (“PS/M”) and storing, reformatting, and retransmitting this data to subscribers, monitoring centers, healthcare providers, front-end portal/user interfaces, and API controllers.

The front-end portal interface provides user-friendly management and monitoring platform for all the integrations listed below, coupled with PS/M device fulfillment, tracking, controlling, and remote reprogramming, along with portal user administration and role/privilege assignment, internal activity/audit trails, ordering and invoicing, support portal integration, and any other customizations needed based on solution requirements.

Doctor shows the icon of the medical center calls on a blue background.
medical alert device

Back-end automation and integration with third-party providers and services include:

  • SMS, email, and smartphone messaging app push notifications for PS/M event/activity/location alerts and subscriber communication with PS/M devices (with locale-specific SMS numbers where available).
  • Programmatic voice dialing and routing (with locale-specific voice numbers where available).
  • Integration with SIM card providers for management (activation, suspension, and usage monitoring) of airtime.
  • Flexible signal relay and reformatting for alarm, activity, and health event data to central stations and healthcare providers based on unique communication and transmission protocol, whether via API calls or data transmission to TCP/IP or other types of receivers.
  • Integration with customer CRM for account details and user activity.
  • Integration with billing systems for device/equipment ordering and recurring billing.
  • API endpoints can be exposed for data access and controlling feature-sets in third-party environments.

iHelp Voice Command Solution

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