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Our Technology Solutions enable Voice Command & Control on all Intelligent IoT Products with smart speakers or mobile Apps from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We focus on leveraging powerful tools like Alexa, Google, and other well-known brands/devices/platforms for hands-free voice interactions, especially for the elderly and their loved ones.
Our goal is for consumers (the elderly, their family members, approved caregivers, etc.) to access all our products’ unique features using Alexa/Google and other smart speakers or their respective mobile apps.

Voice is the new touch for the digital age, and users are demanding to obtain touch-less solutions to command-and-control intelligent household gadgets and appliances.

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The highly intuitive and training-free nature of natural voice AI allows the users to focus on ‘what’ to do instead of worrying about ‘how’ to do things.

People can discover their personalized way of ‘saying the commands’ in Alexa, Google, Samsung, etc., to achieve the desired outcomes in a smooth, contactless, and friendly manner.

The Company manufactures medical alarm devices that are used to summon help in an emergency for users. The product is designed and marketed primarily to the elderly, physically disabled, and living alone.

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

WHSI’s vital data monitoring solution enables a service to collect, transport, and store data and make it accessible to care providers through secure private, HIPPA compliant servers/portals. Through these portals, users can monitor values, set limits, program alarms or even implement ‘intelligent agents’ to utilize vital data that is needed to manage and support better healthcare in a remote setting.

Our Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring Solution will reduce costs and can even save lives through wireless ubiquitous connectivity via rapidly growing 4G cellular networks. It goes beyond panic buttons, location technology, fall detection, and similar monitoring services that are provided today by the mPERS industry.

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What do the iHelp Max and Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring have in common?

  • The proliferation of new technology in healthcare is exploding and these technological advancements are transforming the entire healthcare industry.
  • Utilizing the iHelp Max device, WHSI’s advanced medical alarm technology platform will enable remote monitoring and data collection of essential vital signs in real-time and with historical values via Bluetooth, NFC, and WIFI technology.
  • The telehealth solution includes real-time monitoring of vital signs that will be stored in the cloud to enable viewing of historical data as well as identify potential health issues before they become catastrophic events.
  • Doctor, Hospital, Ambulance, Loved One, anyone can be notified if vital signs go outside of a preset range through threshold breach notifications.

How does it work?

  • The iHelp Max device will query Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy) devices for health-related/vital sign data measuring. The iHelp Max will be able to access and store data for any of the following: ECG, PPG, SPO2 and heart rate, body temperature, motion, step count, calorie measurement, etc.
  • WHSI’s iHelp Max device will act as a gateway for funneling this health data to a secure, HIPPA compliant cloud for storage.
  • A robust cellular infrastructure is ensured by using the iHelp Max as the backbone for transmitting the data, while the device itself acts as a transparent hub for collecting this data.
  • The process is seamless to the end-user, as they simply wear our device and corresponding health device (or is in proximity to the individual health device), and data is collected, transmitted, analyzed, and can be acted upon if necessary.
  • The data may be accessed by authorized third-parties and/or may employ a third-party analysis service for determining trends and sending out various health alerts to caregivers.
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Voice Command & Control on all Intelligent IoT Products

People can discover their personalized way of ‘saying the commands’ in Alexa, Google, Samsung, etc., to achieve the desired outcomes in a smooth, contactless, and friendly manner.